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Here is a sampling of the important questions that we hear quite often.

1. How do I report a lighting problem?
Day-Lite is on call 24/7, so you can report specific lighting problems by email, fax or phone. However, Day-Lite will also check for any problems on the regular rounds to your site. Contact us now.

2. What is the average response time for correcting a problem?
Day-Lite services the lights and repairs outages when visiting your site every month, so 90% of the time Day-Lite takes care of any problems before you’re even aware of them. The response time when a problem is reported varies depending on the customer’s needs. Emergency calls are done the same day.

3. If there is a need for service in the middle of the night, how long would a response take, on average?
Typically, Day-Lite would respond within two hours because night crews are already dispatched in the field. Also, there are multiple dispatch locations, so the prospects are good that a crew is in your vicinity.

4. Do you provide service/repair on holidays?
Day-Lite does provide emergency service on holidays.

5. Do you handle electrical problems that pertain to the lighting, or just the lighting itself?
Day-Lite is a licensed contractor which can perform all phases of electrical repair, maintenance and installation.

6. How long will the installation of your lighting system take, on average?
Installation time will vary depending on the job. Day-Lite makes every effort to have the lights lit each night, even on a multi-day job.

7. What type of specialized equipment do you have?
Day-Lite has a whole fleet of trucks, including 17 aerial trucks up to 75′, a genie-lift with 22′ side reach and a 2-person basket, scaffolding, cable tracers, ultrasound metal gauge tester, and crane trucks with welders.

Day-Lite trucks aerial lifts up

Day-Lite’s fleet of aerial trucks are ready to serve you.

8. What typed of bulbs do you use, and how long do they last on average?
The type of bulbs we use and their average life-span depends on the type of lamp. Day-Lite only uses National Brand lighting.

9. Does your equipment allow you to fix a problem if the lot is full of cars?
Yes, but Day-Lite strives to service at off-peak hours or at night, so this isn’t often an issue.

10. Do you handle indoor and outdoor lighting?
Day-Lite does handle both kinds of lighting, but specializes in outdoor.

11. Is someone able to advise me on what type of lighting is best and/or most economical for a specific area?
Yes. Day-Lite will inspect your property, give recommendations, and make a bid.

12. How do I know if I’m choosing the right type of lighting?
Day-Lite can consult with you and advise you on the best lighting to meet your needs and your budget.

13. For each type of lighting you provide, what is the average monthly/yearly cost to keep them on full time?
Day-Lite would need to survey your property to give you these types of figures.

Technician performing lighting maintenance in aerial lift

Technician performing lighting maintenance in an aerial lift

14. Are you bonded? / What types of insurance coverage do you have?
Day-Lite is fully bonded and insured, carrying better and more comprehensive insurance than most of the competition. You are welcome to review the Day-Lite insurance certificates.

15. How does payment work? Monthly? Yearly?
Day-Lite offers monthly lighting service contracts. The contract amount is billed on the 1st of every month, which includes all labor and truck and aerial equipment. An invoice for materials is only billed after the service is performed.

16. If we contract your company to manage the installation, upkeep, and/or repair of our lighting, are we under obligation to use your services for a set amount of time if we are dissatisfied with those services?
Day-Lite has a short-term 30-day notice of cancellation on service contracts, giving you, the customer, maximum flexibility. Day-Lite can offer this feature because customers are consistently satisfied with the service so cancellations seldom occur.

17. What kind of access to our property will be necessary for you?
Day-Lite will need access to electrical rooms, lighting controls, and all lights.

18. Will backup generators keep all the lights on, in the event of a power outage?
Very few properties have their own generators. However, Day-Lite owns and will dispatch diesel-powered generators to light your properties when you don’t have power.

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