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C10 Certification #597064

Day-lite Electrical Repair

Day-Lite employs master electricians who are C10 qualified and our lighting technicians are California Certified Journeymen Electricians.

  • Our Technicians are qualified to provide an expert diagnosis as problems occur.
  • Our team of industrial electrical contractors are the best in the business, from tracing to repair and install of all electrical components and systems.

Electrical Signs Repair: Neon, Fluorescent & LED Retrofit

Electrical sign repair and maintenance is a Day-lite specialty. Superior signage is an asset in boosting your property’s exposure and visibility, and is necessary to attract new customers. Day-lite promises your sign is bright and immaculate: from lighted fluorescent pylon signs to channel letter neon signs, we take care of it all. We also offer energy efficient options for fluorescent and neon applications.

Commercial LED lighting

What makes LED lighting so special? Commercial LED lighting takes 90% less energy than commonly used lamps, which leads to incredible savings. The lifetime of an LED is one-hundred thirty-three times longer than an incandescent bulb, and ten times longer than a compact fluorescent bulb

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