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About Day-Lite

Serving Southern California for Three Generations

Why have so many customers been with Day-Lite for over 50 years?

  • Day-Lite is reliable, responsive and cost-effective
  • Day-Lite is committed to providing our clients with "world class" customer service.
  • We have the technical expertise and knowhow to solve any lighting or electrical problem
  • We have a unique view of every customer being a part of the Day-Lite family.
  • When you call Day-Lite, you get a real person who knows you and your properties

Day-Lite is a full-service electrical service and lighting maitenance company, specializing in exterior commercial lighting

With a fleet of "state of the art service vehicles and 24/7 dispatch locations in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and the Inland Empire, your service technician is only a short distance away. Each Service Vehicle is a stocked, "rolling warehouse" with a complete line of lamps, ballasts and electrical parts on board, to ensure the probability of completing with the first trip. Our lighting and 2 of 3 electrical service vehicles are equipped with either aerial equipment including cranes with working height of 80 feet, along with the capabilities to service heights at an astonishing working height of up to One-Hundred Thirty (130) feet

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Electrical services and lighting Maintenance in one call and one visit (One Stop Shop)

When you contact Day-Lite for service you get a company-wide commitment to servicing your needs fast and effectively 24 hours a day.

  • Day-Lite's Customer Service Representative Team will respond to your needs in a prompted and professional manner. Along with providing you all service options, according to your budget and time frame.
  • Day-Lite's uniformed technicians are clean and professional, and they travel in our iconic tan and brown service vehicles seen throughout southern California by all.
  • Our technicians are trained, licensed and certified professionals.
  • Our technicians can solve any electrical problem and fix or replace any needed electrical components without the need of any sub-contracting.
  • Day-Lite prides itself on having the ability and material to perform the needed repairs to fix the problem right the first time, majority of the time, rather than needing to come back to complete the job.
  • Day-Lite's equipment is tested and certified beyond industry standards with additions of cutting edge technology to ensure you receive the best and safest equipment on your properties.
  • Day-Lite utilizes specialty equipment to access difficult service locations, such as a low profile ladder trucks for lighting standards on top of parking structures or within low clearance areas, also high reach equipment for interior outages in high ceilings within lobbies and other locations where an aerial lift can not access.

Day-Lite is on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to meet all your lighting maintenance & electrical service needs

Let Day-Lite maintain and check your site lighting with a provided service contract specifying reoccurring service pending on size and needs of your properties.

Day-Lite History

Electricity courses through the veins of the family-owned and operated Day-Lite Maintenance. The Walworth family got its start with electricity through the ownership of a generator plant back in Pawpaw, Illinois. The family later moved to Santa Ana, California, during the 1930s. The son of that family, Richard Ray Walworth "Dick", saw the opportunity to provide lighting to an expanding commercial real estate market. He started Day-Lite in 1961, needing more area to house his now growing fleet he started parking the service vehicles in his parents orange grove, Zelma and Ray Edward Walworth, they would find out he acquired a new truck when they would come across it in the grove as they were maintaining the produce. Needing a warehouse to insure a properly stocked fleet he converted the then livestock barn into a material warehouse to meet the immediate need for more stock on hand to service his new customer, Carl Karcher, and his then growing restaurant chain. When he retired in the early 1980s, son Richard Timothy "Tim " Walworth took over.

Tim grew up in the family business, with his father at the helm and his mother right by his side. His Mother ran the office and his Father ran the yard. Tim joined in right out of high school and was instrumental in the growth and success of the company, with new customers and added services. Today, Ray Edward Walworth is the third generation and is passionate about the company and will build upon the solid foundation that his Father and Grandfather built before him. With his mom, Terri Walworth, together they are heading the drive towards the new era of Day-Lite.

Treating customers like one of the family is natural to the Walworth's, because family has been the backbone of the business since day one.

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